Twin Tier Fire and Safety Services is an official Woolwax® Undercoating location and dealer

“WoolWax® is the most trusted name in vehicle undercoating protection. Municipalities, Fire Departments, Undercoaters, and snow and ice removal companies all throughout the northeast trust WoolWax® for their corrosion protection needs. WoolWax® is a heavy-duty industrial grade lanolin/woolgrease formula that provides powerful long term corrosion protection. Because WoolWax® is built thicker, it is more resistant to wash-off than competitors’ products. WoolWax® is built to last longer!”

Woolwax® is a lanolin based corrosion inhibitor and is formulated to be more viscous (thicker) than any other lanolin based corrosion inhibitor, thereby being more resistant to road-wash. We apply Woolwax® by a pressurized sprayer for maximum coverage. It is soft, will not dry out and will penetrate metals to the base, providing corrosion protection in highly corrosive atmospheres like those found in industrial or environmental settings. Twin Tier Fire and Safety Services recommends annual application to ensure consistent rust protection throughout the years.

With this service, you can relax, knowing that no matter what the weather brings, your vehicles are protected from the elements that cause rust and corrosion.

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