Our scheduled maintenance program is designed to keep your fire and emergency apparatus in top-notch condition without unnecessary hassle for your members.

Working with Twin Tier Fire and Safety Services takes the guesswork out of the upkeep of your apparatus.

We use Fullbay, one of the nation’s top heavy-duty vehicle repair software programs, for maintenance reporting and invoicing. Through your Fullbay customer portal, you can see what work is currently being done, what has already been completed, and everything in between.

Portal information includes:

  • Units
  • Active Services
  • Contacts
  • Invoices
  • Payments

These tabs show the different stages of your vehicle’s repairs and reminders for annual maintenance. It even allows you to update contact information for your company, check for outstanding invoices, and track payment dates and amounts. You can even use the portal to request services or repairs for your apparatus.

Example of Customer Portal Homepage
Example of Fullbay Invoice

Our invoices shed light on where your money is going.

Our invoices are highly detailed. Each one includes:

  • Specific problem or service requested
  • Cause for the request
  • Detailed accounts of the work that was completed
  • List of parts used
  • Subtotal for each issue
  • Labor and Parts specific subtotals
  • Pre-payments or credits that may be applicable
  • Final balance

This level of detail eliminates many financial questions for your treasurers or accounting personnel.

Fullbay also provides in-depth maintenance reports.

Our Engine/Chassis Maintenance includes a 130-point procedure checklist and our School Bus Engine/Chassis maintenance includes a 109-point procedure, including all DOT inspections and requirements for operation of both types of vehicles.

When servicing apparatus, we use OEM fluids and filters.

We go the extra mile to maintain excellence and keep your apparatus in premium condition. We continue these same high standards with our Pump Maintenance and our Pump Performance Testing. Your maintenance procedures and pump test results are sent as a PDF with each invoice and made available within the customer portal.

Example of Maintenance Procedures