We offer Bi-Annual State Inspection for PA school buses!


School buses are an essential part of our world. They carry children to and from school, sporting events, and field trips. The safety of those children lies in the maintenance of the school buses.

Local school bus contractors can be confident that they will be ready for the school year with our School Bus Engine/Chassis Maintenance.

We make sure that your buses are checked over thoroughly, fluids and filters are changed, and all safety features are working properly.

We also make sure to inspect key aspects of the bus using the same checklist used during the annual State Police Inspection.

School Bus Engine/Chassis Maintenance & Inspection:

  • Inspect for fluid leaks on the ground
  • Make sure bus is not leaning
  • Inspect cleanliness of bus
  • Inspect exterior lights / stepwell / stop / reverse
  • Inspect reflectors / reflective tape
  • Inspect emergency doors
  • Lube buzz switch & latch
  • Inspect wheel chair lift (if applicable)
  • Lube, inspect & adjust wheel chair lift (if applicable)
  • Inspect windshield wiper fluid, arms & blades
  • Inspect windshield condition
  • Inspect door & compartment hinges
  • Inspect for body damage
  • Inspect storage compartment – Clean? Dry? Condition?
  • Inspect engine compartment / doors / RE
  • Inspect batteries & cables
  • Clean and test batteries
  • Inspect stop arm visuals
  • Inspect electrical panel / Wires, fuses, breakers, etc.
  • Operate Child Check Monitor
  • Inspect entrance door operation, condition, and seals
  • Make sure grab handles are secure
  • Inspect stepwells & step treads
  • Make sure bus has emergency equipment
  • Inspect driver’s seat & seatbelt
  • Inspect gauges before start / KOEO / warning lamps
  • Inspect wait to start lamp & intake heater cycle
  • Inspect starter operation
  • Inspect gauges after start / KOER
  • Inspect engine operation
  • Inspect air build up – Record cut out PSI
  • Does parking brake hold at 1200 RPM
  • Inspect brake interlocking
  • Inspect low air warning is greater than 60 PSI
  • Inspect park brake valve set
  • Inspect PP1 knob & pin
  • Make sure steering wheel is straight
  • Inspect turn signals and cancellation
  • Inspect 4 Way hazard lights
  • Inspect headlights – High, Low, and Hi/Lo indicator
  • Inspect dome lights / panel lights / dash lights
  • Inspect mirror conditions, controls & defroster
  • Inspect sun visor – Mounts & condition
  • Inspect heater – defroster / dash fans / knobs
  • Inspect horn – air & city / dual tone
  • Inspect service door operation
  • Inspect AM/FM radio and PA system
  • Inspect student seat conditions
  • Make sure student seats are secure
  • Inspect all fasteners – interior
  • Inspect side windows & latches
  • Lube all side window latches
  • Inspect emergency exit latch, condition, buzzers, & decals
  • Inspect stepwell light wiring
  • Inspect belts, hoses & clamps
  • Inspect for fluid leaks in engine compartment
  • Inspect all wiring & cables (power & ground)
  • Inspect starter & junctions – Clean & tighten
  • Inspect steering gear, linkages & tie rod ends
  • Inspect front axle, springs, pins, bags, valves, shocks & brackets etc.
  • Inspect front brake lining, drums & rotors
  • Inspect front axle seals
  • Inspect front brake hoses, cans & slacks
  • Adjust brakes (if needed)
  • Inspect drive shafts, carriers & u-joints
  • Inspect air dryer
  • Inspect air tanks
  • Inspect fuel tanks, lines & filters
  • Inspect differential oil level / vent
  • Inspect rear axle, springs, pins, bags, valves, shocks & brackets etc.
  • Inspect rear brake lining, drums & rotors
  • Inspect rear axle seals
  • Inspect rear hoses, cans & slacks
  • Adjust rear brakes
  • Inspect exhaust system – Hangers, clamps, leaks
  • Inspect transmission – Leaks, wiring, vents
  • Inspect splash guards
  • Inspect wheels, lug nuts, hubs, hub oil level
  • Lube all fittings and pivot points
  • Fill tire pressure as per recommended
  • Check tread depth
  • Change required oil filters & fluid
  • Change required fuel filters
  • Change required coolant filters
  • Change required transmission filters & fluid
  • Change rear differential oil (if needed)
  • Change hydraulic / power steering filter & fluids (if needed)
  • Check diagnostic codes
  • Check fuel/oil additive
  • Check hydraulic / steering oil level
  • Check radiator bottle
  • Inspect radiator condition – clean
  • Test coolant
  • Inspect air filter – minder, ducts, clamps, compartment inlet
  • Change required air filter (if needed)
  • Check heater valves
  • Inspect fan & fan clutch – wiring, air hoses, etc
  • Inspect bolts & brackets
  • Inspect wiring & connectors
  • Inspect compartment light(s)
  • Inspect alternator wiring & mounts
  • Inspect belt tensioner & pulley alignment
  • Inspect after cooler, hoses, clamps
  • Inspect shutters
  • Inspect compartment cover seals
  • Record engine cleanliness
  • Sample motor oil (if needed)
  • Rebuild air dryer
  • Check Inspection sticker – Readable, valid, is attached to window

Does your bus need repairs? No problem! Just give us a call!

We offer OnSpot tire chain installation and servicing! Ice and slush can make for very hazardous conditions, and when you hold young lives in your hands, having OnSpots deploy within seconds can make the difference!

We offer Half Services, which is a reduced version of our annual Engine/Chassis Maintenance and Inspection. These are an extra measure to ensure your buses stay safe during the school year!

We encourage Woolwax Undercoating for all school buses! Woolwax undercoating is a great preventative maintenance for all vehicles, and buses are especially important due to driving on many dirt roads and salted roadways. With annual application, the risk of rust and corrosion continuing, or even beginning, reduces greatly!

We would be more than happy to help you keep your buses running so you can keep those children safe!
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