We ensure fire companies can arrive on scene safetly by making vehicle maintenance and repair a top priority for us here at Twin Tier Fire and Safety Services.

Our company was founded on the desire and determination to provide fire companies with top quality services, and equipment, at the best price. As an essential part of a fire company, apparatus need to be maintained and serviced on a regular basis to ensure they work properly when utilized on a scene. Our way of helping fire companies do this is by providing Engine/Chassis Maintenance, Pump Maintenance with Pump Testing, repairs, and much more.


Included in Engine/Chassis Maintenance:

  • Change engine oil and filters
  • Lube all axle and drive lines
  • Lube all steering and suspension components
  • Inspect radiator coolant level and condition/change filter
  • Inspect all drive, accessory belts, hoses
  • Inspect engine air intake filter
  • Inspect transmission fluid level and condition
  • Inspect rear axle fluid level and top off
  • Inspect fuel system/change filters
  • Inspect windshield wiper operation, blades, fluid
  • Inspect all steering and suspension components
  • Inspect service and parking brakes
  • Inspect battery cables and connections
  • Inspect exhaust system
  • Inspect and lubricate
  • Onspot chains (if equipped)
  • Inspect primary and secondary air systems
  • Inspect tire wear and check tire pressures/record tread depths
  • Inspect all emergency, DOT lighting, and warning devices
  • Inspect front wheel hubs
  • Inspect brakes, record shoe depths

**Full Transmission service available- additional fee

Included in Pump Maintenance:

  • Drain and refill pump transmission
  • Lube all bearings
  • Lubricate/inspect/operate ball valves linkages, handles
  • Lubricate/inspect/operate all drains
  • Inspect all pump mountings for wear/damage
  • Inspect drive line
  • Inspect tachometer
  • Inspect and operate priming system
  • Inspect pump packing
  • Inspect pump and engine coolers
  • Inspect all pressure gauges
  • Inspect tank exterior
  • Inspect all suction screens, caps, and main intake valves
  • Inspect all engine gauges and electrical components on pump panel
  • Operate discharge relief/pressure governor
  • Operate transfer valve (if equipped)
  • Perform vacuum test
  • Inspect all emergency, DOT lighting, and warning devices
  • CAFS system maintenance

**Pump Performance Testing (only available to maintenance customers)

Free Pickup and Delivery

While we do offer on-site maintenance, some services may need to be performed at our location. In this case, we will transfer your equipment to and from our shop at no additional charge.

Assorted Repairs and Upgrades

We can address repairs such as:

  • Apparatus shutting off
  • Tire and brake problems
  • Stuck valves
  • Non-operating heaters/blowers
  • Lights/sirens/electrical problems
  • “Check Engine” issues
  • Pump repacking
  • Valve rebuilds
  • EGR problems
  • Gauge problems
  • Alternator/battery issues
  • CAFS system problems
  • Custom Fabrication (outsourced)
  • Compressor installations
  • Handle installations
  • ROM door repairs
  • Equipment upgrades and ambulance issues.

Don’t see your concern listed here? Have a project idea for your rig?
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We also offer other essential forms of services, including:

  • Generator Service and Installation
  • Portable Pump Service
  • Light Tower Service and Installation
  • Aerial Maintenance and Wash
  • Heavy Rescue Maintenance
  • Equipment Installation
  • OnSpot Chain Installation
  • Organization Board Installation
  • Woolwax® Undercoating

And much more!

Please contact us with any questions about the different aspects of these services or for a service that is not listed.