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With winter right around the corner, it is important to make sure that our first responders can make it to emergencies safely. That is why we are thankful to be an installation and service station for OnSpot Tire Chains.

OnSpot Tire Chains are an innovative way to keep vehicles rolling when the weather conditions make it difficult. The process starts with the switch, which is located on the dash. By flipping this switch, the OnSpot chain assembly is released and makes contact with the tire side wall. Air pressure from the air electric solenoid mounted on the underside of the vehicle holds the chain wheel against the tire side wall, making the chain wheel spin at the same rate as the tire. As the chain wheel spins, centrifugal force throws the chains into action and they bite into the snow or ice right with the tires. It is as simple as that. No more hazardous roadways? No problem. Just flip the switch back and the OnSpot tire chain assembly will return to its resting position.

Forget the manual labor of putting chains on by hand. Have us install your OnSpot Tire Chains today!